Camper's Testimonies 

My experience with VSF was exciting and I loved every minute of it! My favorite activity was kayaking down river and my best memory would be the night when the counselors sent us to bed in the middle of dinner: about 30 minutes later, Victor, a little boy, came into our rooms, woke everyone up and told us to go downstairs to the activity room, it was a theme dance! Of course we were all in our PJ's. Katrina, my friend, had blue teddy bear PJ's, I had light pink PJ's with white dog bones and 4 cute puppies on it, we had so much fun! My experience was great for many reasons, I learned more French and just by looking at the buildings in the village of Entraygues, I learned tons of things about French history and culture, but most of all it was great because of the friends I made.

 Elisabeth L., Age 11, (USA) VSF Camps 2001

My name is Caitlin. I went to VSF for the second time this year. I thought that it was going to be the same as last year but it was very different. Last year the French children were very different but some of the kids came back. I went horseback riding and swimming and we did lots of fun stuff like Ping-Pong and stuff! Since we came with VSF and we didn't know the area, we got to visit other castles and we got to buy souvenirs. Everything is cheaper here than where I live it's amazing! I made so many new friends you would not believe it! The French children were very nice. They were so amazed that Americans were coming! They were very nice to us and they thought we were special. They would even call us "les Américains" until they got used to us and then we made a lot of friends. It was very sad to leave, I actually cried because I was so sad. I think everyone should go there. It was fun!!!!

 Caitlin BF., Age 11, (USA)VSF Camps 1998

My favorite part was when we were hicking to a big hill. My best memories would be the kids and most of all Le Château. All the kids were nice. We practiced a lot of sports like swimming, soccer, baseball, basketball and more.. I loved this camp, I had so much fun!!. The food was really good and I loveeeeed it. I WISH A LOT OF KIDS WOULD GO TO THIS CAMP!!

 Andrew F., Age 9, (USA) VSF Camps 2002

From the time I first set foot in the car to go to the airport, to my first step in Paris I was nervous. I had only been talking French for one Year at school and there was an unlimited list of words and phrases that I didn't know in French. Now that its over, I laugh at my fears. Though I expected to feel alone in France on my own, I found that I was everything but alone. There were plenty of kids going to my camp who were fluent in both languages who could translate and the French kids and counsellors were extremely patient. All in all, I had a wonderful time! My French has improved so much since the first day! Now, I can understand most of what people say to me. I think my best memory would be All the friends I made. I went to camp knowing one girl from my school, a grade older than me, whom I had met only once, she was going to VSF but to a different camp. The activity I think I enjoyed the most was shopping in the village. During camp there were three night markets in town and we got to go there and buy souvenirs. There were candy and ice cream to special knives with your name engraved on them. The activity I liked the most was kayaking. I first went in a canoe with two other people but then I went on a descent in my own kayak! This was an experience I would definitely repeat as many summers as I could and I would encourage others to go also. VIVE VSF !

 Elanor G., Age 11, (USA) VSF Camps 2002

Hi! My name is Emily and this year I went to a camp in France with VSF for the second time. The camp was called "Le Château" and was really fun. I made a friend before I even got to camp! Every day we had very good food. The counselors were very nice. I made lots of friends, many new friends. In all, the experience was a wonderful one that I won't ever forget and I would recommend it to other kids all over the world. I would definitely do it again. I think the VSF camp programs are amazing and I would like to thank Valerie, VSF's Director, for starting and organizing everything so that I could go to France for one of my most unforgettable experiences ever!

 Emily H., Age 11, (USA) VSF Camps 2002 and 2003

I went to VSF this summer for the second time in a row and I loved it. I have great memories of all the places we went to, such as Espalion, which was my favorite village. I made friends and hope to keep in touch with all of them. Everyone was so nice ! The food was great too. I would definitely do it over again! I think the VSF people were great and really helpful. If I had to describe my experience in a single sentence, it would be: "My experience was great because of many things, but most of all because of the friends I made". I would definitely recommend this to anyone. If you don't speak French, it doesn't matter, you'll learn, and you'll also have other foreigners to help you. It's a great chance to be in a camp in France and make some French friends. My French improved enormously too! I had such a great time there, I criedso much when I left.

 Gideon W., Age 10, (USA) VSF Camps 2005

I had a great time in France this summer, I will definitely come back and recommend this to my all friends in California. The camp counselors were great and I can't wait to tell everyone how wonderful it was. I made many friends in France and I will always remember them.Most of all I definitely improved my French. My best memories will be the great field trips, the dances, the great souvenirs, the French people and all the great monuments. But most of all the friends, counselors and people who were there with me. The food was really good. From what I've heard from all of my friends who were at diffrent VSF camps the other camps are great too. I was motivated to come here by my friendsfrom school who came last year. I wish I never had to leave the camp what else can I say?"Camp is great and I definitely want to come back!!"

 Katrina S., Age 11, Tiburon (USA) VSF Camps 2006

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