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I enjoyed the time I spent at camp this summer. I learned a lot of French and I improved too. I also met a lot of new friends. One of my favorite activities was when we did accrobranche. It’s pretty much a high ropes course that is a lot of fun! Before we actually got to do it, we had to watch an instructional video on how to hook and unhook the harness to each wire. After watching the video, we did a test to see if everyone could do it. Next, we split up into 2 groups and started doing courses.

Another one of my favorite activities was the “char a voile” in other words, the sand sailing. I expected it to be kind of hard but, surprisingly, it was really easy. We had to get a partner who was about our height and then we were ready to start. However in the last session, my group had to stop early because a lot of wind was blowing and almost everyone’s sail was flipping over. But, it was still FUN.

I also really liked sailing. I remember that in the last session 2 hats fell in the water and someone’s shoe fell off! My boat was also pretty close to tipping over. But that was what made it fun! All in all, going to camp was a great experience and I did some new and fun activities and I met new friends. Merci!

 GABRIELLE B – 12 years old – Internatioanl School Paris / USA
REVES DE MER / July 2013


This was the best camp I’ve been to! I liked it because everyday we did really fun activities that were always different. The best activity was Char à Voile (Sand sailing)! If you like speed and action this is the activity for you! You sit in a car with a sail and you sail on the sand, it goes really fast! I also liked the paintball activity where with a sponge dipped in paint you would chase your friends with!

The food at camp is the best, I ate new foods and I tried everyday something new, I like all of it.

My best memory from camp is when we went sailing in the funboats. My group of 3 almost tipped over! The beach is really nice! You can make sculptures in the sand or play games in the water. We also got to go shopping in Port Leucate and I bought some really cool bracelets and some postcards for my family.

I also made a lot of friends and this was the best part of it!

I did learn a lot of French at camp! Some of the counsellors spoke English so they helped me understand more of the language. After the 20 days I could start a conversation (when I started out I didn’t know very much). It became really easy to understand new words as I kept on progressing.

Out of all the language camps I’ve been to, this camp helped me learn the most.
Thank you,

 ALEXA ROBERTSON - 9 Years old –Burlington CT - USA


We had a lot of fun this summer in France because it was hot... unlike in London but also because of all the different activities we had, like Char a voile which is a unique sport and also Accrobranches wich was challenging. We really enjoyed this camp, the camp counselors and the director were very nice. We improved our French and made a lot of friends, French friends but also and egyptian friend who participated also in VSF, her name was Alia. The food was also very good, it was overall FUN !

 Alex and Daniel S., age 9/12, (UK)


My summer camp experience in France this summer was perfect because we did a lot of fun activities and because I made a lot of friends, I will always remember them ! My best memory of camp will be my friends and how much fun we had together. The camp site was great. I really like my camp counselors, they were nice, helpful and funny.

My favorite activity was the « Accrobranches » because I enjoy high places and being up in the trees playing with my friends was just great. I also enjoyed the beach a lot, swimming, playing soccer or just hang out with my girlfriends is what I enjoyed the most…

I will recommend this camp program to everyone I know back in Cairo, I really had a great experience ! I came to this camp to improve my French and I made so much progress. in one single sentence I would just say : this camp was AMAZING ! Thank you to all my new friends, thank you to the counselors, thank you to VSF and to my parents for giving me this opportunity. I will never forget this summer holiday !

 Alia A. El. H. Age: 11, (Cairo EGYPT)



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