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VSF Camp 4

My experience at Formanoir with VSF was awesome! I made so many great friends and I had a chance to really improve my French. The Castle is really beautiful and holds so much history, I loved hearing these stories! The camp counselors were fun and easy going, they were eager to help and explain when I didn’t understand something. The horses were SO nice, and galloping through the fields with them was phenomenal! Oh yes, also the food was great, I ate so much I can’t believe it! I would recommend this camp to anyone who wants to improve their French, make French friends, have FUN !

 Amy Q. (13 years old) – Vancouver CANADA – July 2011

My camp experience with VSF at Formanoir was SUPER! The camp, the counselors, the friends I made, the ponies…! All was Super!!! I am sure that I will go to Formanoir next summer again. During these two weeks I learned more French that in one year at school! I met many friends and I really want to see them again. I liked all the games that we played each day and I really liked the BOUMS ! (evening dance parties). I also learned many French songs that I enjoyed singing with my camp mates. All the ponies were good, clever and funny. I enjoyed very much the time I spent with them, with my friends and also with the camp counselors... My best memory was the camping trip with the horses in the forest surrounding the camp. I really recommend this camp to other children, and don’t worry if you don’t speak French!

 Gali V. – Czech Republic – Camp 4- July 2011

This camp was a great help towards my French and my horseback riding. Before I went to this camp I had no confidence in speaking French with other people but now yes! The campers and counselors really encouraged me and I can now have conversations in French! One of my favorite memories at camp was galloping in the fields on the way to the campsite where we stayed overnight. It was my very first time galloping and camping I really enjoyed it. I would definitely do this camp over again. I recommend this camp to everyone who wants to improve their French at the same time have fun!!!

 Lauren C. 13 years old (Vancouver – Canada) July 2011

My Camp experience with VSF was good. I was not homesick or sad to be away from home. There were many different activities and the camp director and counselors were really nice. It was not easy at the beginning for me to speak French but the French children were really nice to me and I made friends quickly, I learned a lot of new words with them. I loved all the activities but particularly the medieval workshops, making costumes, swords and dressing as knights, we also went to visit a beautiful city. I also enjoyed very much the horseback riding camping trip where we spend the night by the camp fire, this was the best night I spent at camp really ! There were 95 poneys at the camp, they give you 1 horse for the whole session and we each take care of our own horse during the entire camp session, I felt really close to my horse, his name was Quartz, he was perfect and I will always remember him! It was the first time I was riding this summer, before camp I had been on a horse but never really ride or jump, now I can jump fences, galop and I also know how to take care of a horse now. I love it…I would like to come back to this same camp next year because I just liked everything about it and especially my horse… .oh yes, I forgot there were also really nice girls ! The French kids were all so friendly, we will stay in touch with Skype and Facebook and who knows maybe we will meet again next summer, my French is much better now so I think I will be able to stay connectd with my French friends. I will recommend this camp to other kids in my school, I learned lots of new words in French and I learned a lot about France, how they speak, how they eat, how they think also. I LIKED IT ALL except leaving !!! I was so sad to leave all my friends.

 Peter C. 13 years old (Moscow Russia) July 2012

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