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VSF Camp 2

I have been in a French school for 6 years. But to really understand the French community you must be there. I have a lot of good memories of my friends, we also had great field trips! My favorite trip was when we went to visit the Roquefort cheese company and we got to taste the cheese, everyone thought that I would hate it because I was American but I really loved it!! My French improved a lot. I made so many friends and the counselors where super great. We had a great view of the mountains. It was super! I am going to do it over again until I do all 10 camps I really recommend it! VSF programs are out of this world!!!!

 Clayton L., Age 8, (USA)

My experience in France was great. I really liked the French camp and I met a lot of French fun kids. It was like being at home with my friends, playing and doing activities that I really enjoyed!! The counselors are fun, encouraging, loving and cautious about the kids at camp. We do a lot of activities that in the same time improves your athletic abilities a lot, I also improved my French a lot of course. The food was great it was fresh and tasty. One of my favorite memories is riding a horse that was beautiful, active and nice. But my favorite memory is the French kids, because they were just so caring and nice, I love them. I'll recommend this camp to a lot of other foreign kids because it is just so much fun you'll never want to leave. You will fit in so fast you won't believe it, and you will improve your French in no time! I think VSF IS SO GREAT, IT SHOULD BE WORLD'S BEST CAMP! Katherine-Anne Schwarz, who has been to VSF camps 2 times during the same summer and encourages other American kids to go to, wrote this story!

 Katherine-Anne S., Age 10, (USA)

This year, I went to camp with VSF for the second time and it was awesome ! I really enjoyed pony riding and learning about the Medieval times. The village we stayed in was really beautiful. The best part of camp was all the friends I met and of course the counselors. They were so nice, I will miss them a lot ! My best memory was the pillow fight we all had on the last night with the camp counselors, we had SO MUCH FUN ! I also loved the medieval banquet because it felt like we really lived in the medieval times. I was wearing a Knight’s costume and that night was also very special because I was dubbed Knight, it was great ! My French improved a lot again this year and I will for sure come back next summer because each year I have so much fun !!! I want to say thank you to Verane, Ophélie, Eva and Vincent the Director of the camp and also to Valérie the Director of VSF who helped me get back home safely after my flight was cancelled . In one word : This camp was FUN, I would recommend it to anyone who loves horseback riding and who loves France ! France IS AWESOME !

 Mae S., Age 10 (Miami, USA)


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VSF gives children from around the world a real chance to practice their language skills by living in total immersion with French children of their own age in a real French Summer Camp!

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