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I came all the way from Canada to attend VSF camp, not knowing what to expect, and it turned out that this place was like paradise! I have a lot of good memories. My best memories would have to be riding Tom (who was my horse for 10 days), making wooden swords, and playing with them afterwards with my friends. I loved basically all the activities, but if I had to pick a favorite one it would definitely be playing a French game called "Dragons, Elves and Knights » (which is basically a French, and medieval twist to "Carnivores, Omnivores, and vegetarians").

I also learned a lot of new French vocabulary during my stay and I made lots of friends, everyone was very nice, and now, I’m almost fluent in the art of speaking French! Everyone was super nice, and friendly. And...don’t worry about offending the cooks, or counselors, if this is the firt time you eat French cuisine and are surprised at the food, or don’t like it. It was the first time I was eating real French food when I went there, and at first I did not like it very much (in the end I loved it!). Anyway, a way to avoid that sort of situation, would be to get your parents to show you an example of the menu, before you go there.

Going to camp in France with VSF is a great way to enjoy French culture, make amazing friends, and meet awesome people (the counselors!), all at the same time in one great 10 to 20 day trip! This camp is awesome and if I had to describe it in one sentence, that sentence would be: "This camp is a whirlwind of adventure and fun, waiting to be discovered by kids, with a love for horses, and wishing to have fun and learn French!

So, for anyone thinking of doing this camp, DO IT!!!!! I know I would redo it, but for 20 days next time (well that will only happen if I can convince my parents to let go of me for 10 more days, ‘cause they’re very, very clingy, if ya know what I mean:). Yours truly,

 Valerie Lounsbury (11 years old) - Edmonton, Canada / VSF Camp 18: Poney Passion (Aug. 2016)

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VSF gives children from around the world a real chance to practice their language skills by living in total immersion with French children of their own age in a real French Summer Camp!

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