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VSF Camp 13: ATOUT FUN !

After having spent 20 days at "Atout Fun!" I can definitely say it was life changing. Not only due to the activities, but because of the people I shared them with and what I learned; I created amazing new friendships with unforgettable people and I improved my French more than I could ever imagine was possible in only 3 weeks. Apart from the countless laughs, my best memory is of the day we spent sailing on the Mediterranean Sea with the friends I'd become closest to and having the waves splash over us while admiring the breathtaking horizon. After this whole experience, I can also confirm that it is by far the most effective way of improving your French. At school you may have all the books, but here you're surrounded by the language and learn daily expressions with the people you meet... After the 3 weeks (which still only felt like 3 days) I realized I could actually have a proper conversation with them and felt hardly any hesitation. We all built close friendships with the counselors too, they're amazing and join in the fun with you. The campsite and its surroundings are beautiful and are also used to carry out the activities such as kite surf and char à voile. Next year, I think I will return with VSF but perhaps to another camp from their list to therefore try out more activities while maintaining the effective language learning. I would definitely recommend this camp to any foreign campers looking to improve their French. If you make the wise decision to go, I hope you live an experience as amazing as I did!

 Celeste O. (16 years old) Mexico - Summer 2011

After last year’s first experience with VSF, my expectations this summer were really high. And this camp was even better! Although it was mainly a kite surf camp, there was a vast variety of activities that we could choose from, football (soccer games), Sand sailing, visiting beautiful nearby villages or just hanging out with our new French mates was really fun! Surely at first, it’s natural to feel nervous and you don’t know if you will adapt in this “new world” and this feeling gets even worse when someone speaks to you (you immediately ask yourself what they are talking about and if they are actually speaking French) however, after a couple of misunderstandings and embarrassing situations, you will have the feeling that you have spoken French all your life! To conclude, this camp is in my opinion a once in a lifetime experience that nobody should miss given the opportunity! Go for it! You'll have so much FUN!

 Arturo JDP (15 years old) – Madrid SPAIN – Summer 2011

My experience at camp with VSF was nice. I came from Spain to improve my French, and I did, but what I most enjoyed was meeting new people and making friends. My best memory from camp is the boat trip, it was so enjoyable. It was a windy day and the waves were quite big and got into the boat, so we got all wet! It was fun! Also I really enjoyed the field trip to the “Aqualand Park” as well as the Adventure trail activity. I believe this is the best way to improve and/or learn French really, because you are fully immersed into the French language and at the same time you really enjoy yourself! I hope that many of you get the chance to experience this! It was a wonderful experience!!!

 Paula LL. 14 years old - Madrid SPAIN - Summer 2011


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