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Teen Camps in the French Alps
(VSF Camps 11)

When I first arrived in Châtel, I was quite overwhelmed. Having only heard French in a classroom I couldn’t understand much of the language when it was being spoken “for real” !

However, my roomates graciously welcomed me and I slowly began to feel at home. Overtime, I became accustomed to the pace of the language and it was a good experience to be able to learn French while rafting, mountain biking or just by hanging out with my new French friends.

Although I wouldn’t say that my abaility to speak French improved a lot in 10 days, I however gained a lot of appreciation and knowledge of the French culture and I did progress a lot in vocabulary and also grammar.

I am thankful for the experience and for the opportunity to learn and go on this AMAZING ADVENTURE!

 LAUREN Z. 15 years old/ Santa Barbara California USA
VSF Camp 11 AQUAVENTURE - August 2014


Hey, my name is Delaire and I was one the VSF campers in this group. If I had to describe my overall experience, in a few words I would say: “Freaking Awasome!”

At the camp, half of the fun you have is with the special activities. I personally chose Aqua’Venture so rafting was definitely the highlight of the trip.

The other half of the fun is the people. They, in my opinion, are the ones who really make the experience what it is. Not once did I feel left out or alone with the people I was with, instead I was always part of the group and part of the fun!

So don’t worry about what kind of kids you’ll end up with because they’re probably feeling the same way and in the end all it takes is a “Salut” or “Bonjour!” and you’re set for one of the best camp experience of your life!
PS: French also improves A LOT!

 Delaire F. - 14 years old – BEIRUT – LIBANON


Salut! My name is Lauren and the camp I went to in France was the Best! If you think rock climbing is the best thing on earth, try canyoning. rock climbing down rivers and waterfalls with rock slides! As you go down, the water splashes against your face. It feels as if you were in a dream. Not only are there water slides but also little cliffs to jump from. It's so SWEET! The camp I went to was a major sports camp. We went camping everywhere. We also went river rafting and hydrospeeding. The best surprise was walking on a glacier on Mont-Blanc. I'm definitely going back with VSF next summer!

 Lauren F., Age 10 , (USA) Summer 2010

To anybody willing enough to listen: THIS IS FOR YOU! VSF's French camp is SOOO COOL! OK, Maybe you've heard that a thousand times and then found out that the camp stunk. This time it's different. Take it from me, when you go to a country you've always dreamed to go to, do sports you like and actually learn something from all that, isn't that called a miracle? When I heard about this camp - I loved the idea, when I went there - I could not find the words to describe it. I made lots and lots of friends! All of my friends at home say I'm shy but this time it was different. Everybody was nice and tried to do anything to communicate with me. The word "nice" underestimates how the French kids acted. We did so many things in just 3 weeks and still had free time to play or even go shopping. We went rafting, hot dogging, hydrospeeding, canyoning, backpacking, hiking and walking on glaciers. Before camp - I had never done any of those activities, I had a really great time and loved it. This was my first time in France and I could not have thought of a better way to spend my summer! VSF takes care of everything leaving you just to have fun and enjoy yourself. If you think that I just wrote all this for my health - you must be crazy. What I think is that you shouldn't be shy or afraid. If you want to come here and make your dreams come true - then act. If you just sit there thinking about it - nothing will happen! It's up to you, but I'm here to tell you: IT'S GREAT!

 Tatiana M., Age 11, (USA) Summer 2010

This summer, I went to a camp in the Alps with VSF. It was very athletic. Every day we would do one multitude of activities. We went hiking, rafting and hydrospeeding, they were all a lot of fun. First hiking, sometimes we would go far as many as 3 days. We would carry our sleeping gear in frame packs and hike for most of the day. We also went rafting for 2 days. Some days we would drive up to the river, put on wet suits, rain jackets, life vests, and helmets. Then we would take the raft down to the water. Our guide was really cool because he would let us do fun things like shove each other in the water and jump into the water off of small cliffs. Hydrospeeding is a way of swimming through whitewater. You have a thing in front of you and flippers on your feet. You also have a full body wet suit. You swim through the water and hit big waves.

It's really fun! Overall, I think the camp was really fun. I would recommend it to any active kind of kid.Plus you get the benefit of being in France and learning its language and culture, for Real!!!

 Julien G-Y., Age 13, (USA) Summer 2011


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