VSF French Summer Camps 2018

Nature Workshops, Eco-Construction, Building of Tree Houses

DSC06557AGE 8 - 13

Theme: "Sustainable Dévelopment & Renewable Energies"

Arriving at the ideally chosen site (big trees, rocks), the children are going to receive special instructions for their mission:

From an existing structure of platforms settled in the trees (2 meters from the ground) accessible by ladders and interconnected with bridges, campers will be able to freely and safely climb the trees to build their Tree Houses!

The children will be divided into teams and each team will have 2 or 3 days to build it’s hut/tree house using the same materials and equipment (nets, ropes etc…)

A specific name will be dedicated to each team and to every house. The teams will build their shelters separately but in the end they will group together to form a small community of huts and tree houses…

Together they build "LA CITE DES CABANES "



  • Construction :

The first few days will be dedicated to the construction of different kinds of huts and tree houses using the natural materials and elements at their disposal on the site (trees, rocks, natural inclination of the ground). Bridges, decks, roads or nets, will connect the huts together to form a small community.

A specific theme will be dedicated to each hut: "The Living-Room", " The Sleeping Hut", “The Kitchen”, "The Library", "The Secret Hide Out" etc…

The camp counselors will assist our campers and help them integrate smoothly into ther natural living environment. 

  • Interior Design :

Campers will design and build tables, benches and other pieces of furniture for their ‘village’. The interior components of each dwelling will be specifically designed to provide the necessities which will allow the group to eventually stay overnight if they choose, in their "village" (optional, depending on their motivation and local weather conditions). To be self sufficient they will also build reservoirs to recover rain water. For their comfort, hammocks, summer beds and swings will be installed

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  • Renewable Energies Workshop :

This workshops will be organized in partnership with a professional instructor from the Association " Découverte Causse Nature " who will teach the children how to create different installations using solar and wind energy to provide electricity for the village. As a kitchen/restaurant, one of the projects will be to build a natural oven in the ground using rocks and clay, a great way to bake bread and potatoes!

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  • Discovery of the Fauna and Flora :

Nature by itself is a tremendous encyclopedia. An open book in which the children will learn to read the local flora and fauna under the supervision of specialized counselors. They will learn how to recognize footprints from different animals, discover their feeding places and hide-outs…They will observe nature, get to know the forest with all it’s plants, trees, and many flowers (such as wild orchids, very famous in the region).

cabanes-13 cabanes-paille
  • Eco-Participation:

Maintenance of a hiking trail, Creation of an organic garden, Creation of a pond (digging, routing of the water, planting plants...)

  • Land Art Workshop and Artistic Installations :

With the help of their camp counselors, the children will create Natural Art, they will be free to express themselves in their own work of art using natural materials from their surroundings (pebbles, wood, rocks, flowers…).


Other Activities

  • "Adventure Trail" in Aguessac, Initiation in Rock climbing
    (activity supervised by professional instructors) 
  • Treasure hunts
  • Camping overnight in la Cite des Cabanes of course!
  • Swimming pool on site at the center, 
  • Dance parties and birthday parties 
  • Evening get together ’Veillées’, storytelling, local tales and legends, star gazing etc... 

 Choice of Field Trips

  • Local Farmers market in Saint-Affrique
  • Visit to the Botanical garden of Hypolythe Coste
  • Visit to the Pastoralia center "The world of Sheep"


> Activities will be programmed according to the wishes of the children
and the proposals of the teaching staff.


LE HAMEAU DE MOULÈS (Base Camp), Fondamente - Aveyron Region, FRANCE.

Our camp is a real Medieval village built by farmers and shepherds in the early 15th century. Isolated, it has kept its authenticity and charm through the centuries, with its traditional architecture, it’s stables, it’s communal oven, and it’s typical Medieval passages.

Located on top of a tree-covered hill, at the border of the "Sorgues Valley », our camp with it’s local flora and fauna, it’s trees and rocks, is the perfect setting for our campers to explore and experience this great adventure !

And in this forest surrounding our village stands a magical place: « La Cité des Cabanes »:
One big « Cabane-torchis” (cob), another one in straw, 2 rope bridges and a 40 sq. meter hammock. This future city already has a windmill, a rain water recovery system and solar panels, everything necessary to furnish energy !

During this camp session, the children will discover the pleasure in building their "refuge", a space which belongs to them !

Children and Counselors will sleep in bungalow tents (5 to 6 beds) on cement floors, with lights, beds and closets. Tents and the shower facilities are located in the woods surrounding the village, in the shade!

Plenty of room for activities, a library and a swimming pool are also available in the village for our campers to enjoy.  

 hameau tent 

I had a great time in France this summer, I will definitely come back and recommend this to my all friends in California. The camp counselors were great and I made many friends, I will always remember them. Most of all I mproved my French a lot. My best memories will be : the great field trips, the dance parties, the French people and all the great villages I visited but most of all the friends, counselors and people who were there with me. I wish I never had to leave the camp what else can I say?"Camp is great and I definitely want to come back!!"

 Caitlin. Age 11, (USA)


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