VSF French Summer Camps 2018

Sailing, Treasure hunts, Fun and Adventure by the Seaside!

Le tresor des pirates

AGE 8 - 13

Theme:  "Séjour Sports et Découverte"

Upon their arrival at the center our campers will be given a parchment paper written by pirates 2 centuries ago!

This will be the beginning of their Adventure !


Based upon the true story of a shipwreck in the Bay of Leucate, the children will follow the footsteps of these 18th century sailors in search of a treasure hidden in one of the Leucate creeks.

Divided into 8 teams (crews) our young pirates will explore the area surrounding the village where they will have to uncover clues that will lead them to their goal.

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  • Sailing:

    Campers will learn together and individually, under the supervision of professionals, the basics of Sailing: study of the boat and it's equipment. Navigation and sailing techniques…

    Surely to be a good pirate it is necessary to first be a good sailor!
  • Accrobranches (Adventure trails):

    More than 100 adventure trails in the trees! Zip wires, monkey bridges and nets...A real opportunity to learn the essential techniques that will help our pirates defend their ship against other Pirates Boarding!
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  • Treasure Hunts:

    In the vast land boarding the beach, equipped with maps, compasses and binoculars, the children will be introduced to different orientation techniques as they search for the key that will open the chest containing the treasure! They will explore the Leucate Plateau, the « Shark creek », the « Pirate’s Trail » and the « Cliff of the Seagull in search of their lost treasure.
  • Sand Sailing:   

    It is on the beautiful beach “La Franqui” along the coast that our instructors at the « Yachting School of the Coussoles » will teach our campers together and individually, the basics of Sand sailing (trimming, boat handling change of directions etc...)  

  • Marine Carpentry workshop:

    Like "Robinson Crusoe" our campers will build their own boat to escape from their island...together they will assemble the hull of a traditional Catalan sailboat and they will be initiated in knot making on a 7 meters long sailboat which is high and dry (no danger of drowning then !). Finally they will create a board displaying the different knots learned.
pirates-bateau PECHE-CALUCHE
  • Hand fishing and net fishing in the rocks and pools along the coast.

    A chance to catch small fish, crabs and sponges that can be brought back to the centre and added to the Aquarium.
  • Drift fishing in the lagoon :

    There the children will learn a typical local way of fishing called « La Pêche à la Caluche » a fisherman uses a boat to set the net 800 meters out to sea and the children who remain on the beach have to haul in the net, hopefully with fish, shellfish and crabs inside for dinner!
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Other Activities:

  • Building small aquariums: discovery and study of the local marine life Building model kits
  • Tales and legends of the Pirates
  • Games on the beach
  • Team sports (beach Volley…) and of course, Parties!  

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Choice of Field Trips:

- Hiking trip on the "Leucatois Plateau": On this classified nature reserve (Natura 2000) overlooking the sea, we will use our binoculars to carefully observe the birds living in this area...a great breath of fresh air!

- Visit to a Local Museum

 > Activities will be programmed according to the wishes of the children
and the proposals of the teaching staff.


in 3 buildings surrounded by 170 acres of land, offering rooms with 5 to 6 beds with shower facilities on each level (2 storeys high). A large dining-room divided in 3 areas (per age groups), 6 activity rooms, a show room and a small library as well as a circus tent and several playgrounds are there for the children to enjoy. (...to read more click here)

We had a lot of fun this summer in France because it was hot unlike in London! ...but also because of all the different fun activities we had, like Char a voile which is a unique sport and also Accrobranches wich was challenging. We really enjoyed this camp, the camp counselors and the director were very nice. We improved our French a lot and we made a lot of friends, French friends but also and Egyptian friend who participated also in VSF, her name was Alia. The food was also very good, it was overall VERY FUN !

 Alex and Daniel S., age 9/12, (UK)


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VSF gives children from around the world a real chance to practice their language skills by living in total immersion with French children of their own age in a real French Summer Camp!

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