VSF French Summer Camps 2017

VSF CAMP 23 New !    
Mountain biking, Medieval Adventure & Treasure hunt, Speleology,

AGE 12-16


Theme "Séjour Sport-Aventure"

In the Middle Ages, the South-Aveyron region was the home and land of the Knights Templar. Very rich, they gathered an enormous treasure, the track of which nobody has ever found... The legend says that it may be hidden in a cave down the foothills, or in the depths of the forest, in ruins of a castle somewhere in the Aveyron,…Between legends and reality we invite our campers to leave on an incredible adventure in the search of this lost treasure !


On the first day of camp, they will discover a piece of parchment that they will have to decipher. The clues they are going to find will to lead them to the next stage, on a hunt to find other parchments and more clues ! 


Through this treasure hunt, our campers will practice various outdoor sport activities, such as mountain biking, accro-branche (adventure courses), « bike and run » races (by team),  and will be initiated to speleology (cave exploration) and Geocaching (they will become experts in GPS location) !


knights 03 couvertoirade4

Multi Sports Activities

(5 sessions of 2 to 3 hours)


Accrobranches (Adventure trails at the tree climbing center in Millau): more than 120 games in the trees! Zip wires, monkey bridges and nets!


Cave exploration in the « Grotte de la Cabane » and its underground lake!

AquarelleAccroBranches speleo 07


Géocaching (GPS games) : Orientation, memorization, reflection, a recreational activity accessible to all. Divided in small teams, our campers will depart towards preprogrammed waypoints in search of hidden clues using GPS!


Rando VTT : Supervised by a professional instructor, they will ride their bikes on the trails following the footsteps of the Knights Templar, on the «Sentiers du Larzac et des Grands Causses ». 

vttboy saint eulalie 


Bike and Run raids: Divided in teams of 2, with one bike for 2, (and 2 legs to run!). Campers will take part in a crazy «Bike and   Run» race, and compete against each other. Endurance, team spirit, and orientation are a must!


 boussole medieval13

Other Activities

  • One day at the Nautical center in Saint-Affrique
  • Swimming and picnic at the river (supervised ! ),
  • Visit to Medieval castles and Templar cities
  • Big games and team sports 
  • Parties !

Choice of Field Trips

  • Visit to the fortified Templar city of St. Eulalie de Cernon, with it's network of medieval streets, it's towers and walls built in the 15th Century by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem

  • Visit to the Medieval castle of Montaigut. 
  • Visit to the fortified Medieval village of La Couvertoirade and its authentic Templar castle and church built in the 12th Century.
Templier 300jp  

> Activities will be programmed according to the wishes of the children 
and the proposals of the teaching staff.

Lodging:    CENTRE ST. GABRIEL (July) / CENTRE LA CAZOTTE (August)


 Maya B. Age 15, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


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VSF gives children from around the world a real chance to practice their language skills by living in total immersion with French children of their own age in a real French Summer Camp!

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