VSF French Summer Camps 2018

  VSF CAMP 23 New !    
Wakeboard - Canoe - Biking - GéoCatching - Cave Exploration 

AGE 8 - 13

 Theme "Séjour Sport-Aventure"

In the region of Millau and Gorges du Tarn, we invite you to practice a variety of outdoor sports activities while discovering breathtaking landscapes! On the paths of the Causse du Larzac during a geocaching GPS game, canoeing or wakeboarding on the river, rock climbing, or during a cave exploration!

Fun times with friends and thrills guaranteed!

rando-aqua tarn-canoe

Sports Activities

(6 sessions of 2 to 3 hours)


  • Wakeboard : Quick fix of adrenaline needed? Wakeboarding is a fun watersport, it has a much steeper learning curve than other boardsports such as surfing or snowboarding. Beginners can get a great adrenaline fix on their first go, without the need for hours of lessons beforehand, as long as they learn the basic technique and know the right tips to simplify their ride.

    Standing on your board, arms outstretched, legs slightly bent, a foot resting on the board and staring at the horizon, you will learn under the supervisionprofessional instructor the pleasure of gliding on the water! 


couvertoirade4 wakeboard
  • Canoe Tarn river: A descent of the Tarn river in a canoe will familiarize you with the current: small rapids, green landscapes, discovery of the local fauna and flora and of course swimming in the river.

  • Adventure course: At the rock climbing school of the Infruts, Zip wires, monkey bridges and nets, a lot of fun! 
AquarelleAccroBranches saint eulalie


  • Discovery of Underground caves: With helmets and acetylene lamps you will explore the “Cave of the Keel” above the village of Roquefort!

  • GeoCatching GPS games: Orientation, memorization, reflection. You will team up to pre-programmed waypoints, looking for hidden clues (treasure hunt)!

  • Biking tours (VTT): Accompanied by Jordan, our mountain bike instructor, you will discover the Larzac region and the Grands Causses trails. Great fun!


Other Activities

- One day at the Nautical center in Saint-Affrique
- Sports tournaments and cultural discovery of the region!
- In the evening: dance parties, games and crazy challenges, casino and cabarets evenings, musical blind tests… and more!


photo la-couvertoirade-large

Choice of Field Trips

- Visit to the fortified Templar city of St. Eulalie de Cernon, with it's network of medieval streets, it's towers and walls built in the 15th Century by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.

- Visit to the Medieval castle of Montaigut.

- Visit to the fortified Medieval village of La Couvertoirade and its authntic castle and church built in the 12th Century.


parchemin-aventure-square -360

Special Notes:

All the outdoor activities are supervised by state-qualified instructors in each of the disciplines. (Swimming certificate required to attend this camp program)
> Activities will be programmed according to the wishes of the children 
and the proposals of the teaching staff.

Lodging:    CENTRE LA CAZOTTE (more info here...) 
Accomodation: Campers will stay in comfortable rooms with 2 to 4 beds with shower facilities (48 rooms / 3 floors).


 Maya B. Age 15, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


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