VSF French Summer Camps 2018

Horseback riding, Medieval workshops, Sports & Medieval show

Boy Casque AGE 6-12


Theme "Séjour Médieval"

During the Middle Ages, an Ecuyer (squire) was a knight's apprentice. He would act as the Knight's assistant, while learning the skills necessary to become a knight himself one day.


First Stage - Initiation Period:

Time during which campers will learn the techniques of horseback riding and also how to take good care of their pony. Progressively, a bond between the children and the animals will take place... as they learn to know each other during activities.
(Horseback riding sessions: 20 days > 6 x 2 hours, 10 days >3 x 2 hours).

2nd Stage - Horseback riding activities:

Time during which the children will perfect their horseback riding skills as they will be riding their ponies to play games or to participate in jousting tournaments (wearing Medieval costumes of course!). They will explore the area surrounding the village, they will uncover clues that will lead them to the treasure of the Knights Templar.

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3rd Stage - Medieval Workshop:

Campers, during that time, will experience the medieval lifestyle making costumes, tools and weapons (leather, stone and wood), they will also draw their personal coat of arms. Choice of activities will be:

- Making of a leather purse,

- Illuminated writing: creation and reproduction of a model (a poney within a letter), then painting it with aquarelle or gouache,

- Heraldic Workshop : Each child will choose and create his personal coat of arms,

- Making a wooden sword: with the help of their camp counselors, each camper will get to make his/her own sword and decorate it with leather strips and with upholstery tacks,

- Introduction to sculpting (stone), making a Templar Cross, preparing themselves to simulate a Crusade, following the footsteps of the Knights Templar in order to find their lost treasure!


At the end of the session, each camper will be dubbed KNIGHTS and will receive a Certificate to take back home !

Other Activities

  • Hiking
  • Swimming at the swimming pool center in St. Affrique
  • Arts & crafts
  • Medieval games and banquets
  • Parties
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Choice of Field Trips

  • Visit to the fortified Templar city of St. Eulalie de Cernon, with it's network of medieval streets, it's towers and walls built in the 15th Century by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem

  • Visit to the Medieval castle of Montaigut. 
  • Visit to the fortified Medieval village of La Couvertoirade and its authentic Templar castle and church built in the 12th Century.

> Activities will be programmed according to the wishes of the children 
and the proposals of the teaching staff.


This year, I went to camp with VSF for the second time and it was awesome ! I really enjoyed pony riding and learning about the Medieval times. The village we stayed in was really beautiful. The best part of camp was all the friends I met and of course the counselors. They were so nice, I will miss them a lot ! My best memory was the pillow fight we all had on the last night with the camp counselors, we had SO MUCH FUN ! I also loved the medieval banquet because it felt like we really lived in the medieval times. I was wearing a Knight’s costume and that night was also very special because I was dubbed Knight, it was great ! My French improved a lot again this year and I will for sure come back next summer because each year I have so much fun !!! France IS AWESOME !

 Mae S. Age 11, (Miami, USA)


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VSF gives children from around the world a real chance to practice their language skills by living in total immersion with French children of their own age in a real French Summer Camp!

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