VSF French Summer Camps 2018

Gardening, Cooking, "Green Building", Rock climbing...

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AGE 6 - 12

Theme:  "Séjour Nature et Découverte"

Through gardening activities, organic cooking workshops, construction of huts and do-it-yourself activities, the children are going to discover and get acquainted with the notions of sustainable development, biodiversity and renewable energies.

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  • The Organic Garden:

The children will sow, re-prick, dig, weed cabbages, leeks, lettuces, tomatoes, beans, small peas, radish, carrots, cabbages... and will also discover the pleasure of harvesting; their favourite activity however is watering the garden every evening!

Among other activities, our young campers will create a compost bin, recover ashes from of the baker's oven to spread around their vegetables, they will work the dirt properly to help naturally retain humidity, and they will recycle water for the garden …

  • The Garden of the Senses:

Sensory games in the garden, using the aromatic plants (smell): thyme, lavender, rosemary, mint (creation of perfumed balls). Using the stinging nettle, the brambles, the pink roses (touch); and the singings of birds or the humming of bees (hearing) etc…

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  • Preparing Salads with zucchini flowers and fruits, carrot soup, eggplant caviar…
  • Making Jams (with local strawberries, plums, cherries), strawberry milk or raspberry syrup, delicious!
  • Making and baking bread, tarts and organic pizza in the old communal bread oven of the village,
  • Preparation and organization of an organic banquet for all the other children in the village.
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  • Construction of huts:
    “Cabane-torchis” (cob), constructions in the trees or behind rocks. 
    The children will discover the pleasure in building their "refuge", a space which belongs to them …
  • Recycled paper:
    From old newspapers or from ripped magazines, let’s make some real hand made paper
  • The Solar furnace:
    Using a pizza box and aluminum foil, they will make their individual solar furnace and cook an egg on it!
  • Wind workshop:
    Campers will build small windmills and they will study how the wind produces power and energy.
  • Care for the animals:
    Designing and building feeders and drinkers, perches, landing platforms etc… with stones and branches (for birds, insects, hedgehogs…) 


 Other Activities

  • Initiation in Rock climbing (Accro'roc, supervised by a professional instructor),
  • Accro-branches (Adventure trails at the tree climbing center):
    Zip wires, monkey bridges and nets ...... so much fun !
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  • Hiking trips in the forest surrounding the village,
  • Picnics by the river,
  • Fun Games
  • Swimming (pool on site at the center),
  • Camping (depending on the weather),
  • Banquet « festif’bio » parties and birthday parties.

Choice of Field trips 

  • Local farmers (organic) market in Saint-Affrique
  • Visit to the Botanical Garden of Hypolythe Coste
  • Visit to the Medieval Garden of Saint-Xist
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> Activities will be scheduled according to the wishes of the children 
and the proposals of the teaching staff.


Lodging: "Hameau de Moulès"- Fondamente, Averyron region - France (...to read more click here)

Located on top of a tree-covered hill, at the border of the "Causse de Larzac", our camp is a real Medieval village built by farmers and shepherds in the early 15th century. Isolated, it has kept its authenticity and charm through the centuries, with its traditional architecture, it's stables, it's communal oven, and it's typical Medieval passages. 


In the organic garden of the village, activities are practiced with passion. It is the garden of the “gourmands”, of the artists, of the young naturalists respectful of the environment…Children and Counselors sleep in typical houses (gîtes) offering rooms of 4 to 8 beds with shower facilities. Plenty of rooms for activities, a library and a swimming pool are also available in the village.

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My summer holiday in France with VSF was the best holiday I had in many years. Because of the friends I made and because I got to experience the real French culture. I saw a lot of new things, and I did a lot of new activities like Accro-roc and making butter ! The camp counselors were really nice, they understood me and took very good care of me. My best memory of camp is when I met my new friends because I love meeting new people and this was the first time I made friends with French children so I was really happy. My camp was in a small medieval village surrounded by nature, it was just beautiful there. I would love to go back but I would also like to try another VSF camp too. I really recommend this camp to all the children who want to discover France, to go to this camp really helps you improve your French.I learned a lot and I am now going home, I surely have a lot of things to share with my family in Hong-Kong. In one word I can say that my camp experience in France was PERFECT.

 Katherine C., Age 11, (Hong-Kong CHINA)


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VSF gives children from around the world a real chance to practice their language skills by living in total immersion with French children of their own age in a real French Summer Camp!

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