VSF French Summer Camps 2018

Rock Climbing, Accrobranches, Building of Huts (eco-construction) 


AGE 6 - 12

Theme "Séjour Aventure et Découverte"

In this camp session, the children will build a village of huts (Cabanes) in the forest overlooked by the mountain pastures.  Tree houses, trapper’s cabins, huts built against rocks, on the ground, or even on a bridge over a stream !

For this incredible adventure you will be provided with all the material and tools necessary : branches, planks, string and ropes, hammers and nails…. Away you go ! Once built, furnished and decorated, this magical place will be the point of departure for many adventures : bivouacs, games in nature, constructions using natural materials,land art,  cooking, discovery of the local fauna and flora, the list of possible discoveries is endless !

Surrounded by lakes, streams and rivers, Châtel is a true paradise!

The Haute-Savoy is a land of "savoir-faire" where traditions are kept alive.  As the mountain stands, wild and beautiful, the children will discover a land of character, a perfect blend of culture and nature. At every turn the Alps will open up their vast horizons. There are plenty of lake shores and alpine pastures just waiting to be discovered, every road and path will lead them straight to history, art and peaceful villages. 

Our campers will spend their holiday in a typical mountain chalet in the centre of Châtel, an old Savoyard village where they will experience intense and magical moments that will stay in their minds forever.



1. Construction:

  • Divided into teams, the children will build their huts under the supervision of our professional counselors.Together they will build different kinds of huts and tree houses using the natural materials and elements at their disposal on the site (trees, rocks, streams, the natural inclination of the ground…) and bridges, decks, roads will connect the huts together to form a small village.

  • A specific name will be dedicated to each hut: "The Living-Room", " The Sleeping Hut", “The Kitchen”, "The Library", "The Secret Hide Out" etc…

  • During this time, the camp counselors will assist our campers and help them integrate smoothly into their natural living environment.   The cabanes will be solid and spacious enough to accomodate several campers!

La cite des cabanes 300jp2– « Life in the Cabanes »:

  • Caring for the farm animals (chickens, roosters, chicks, rabbits, goats, baby goats, sheep and dunkeys) they will also learn how to milk the goats !

  • Cooking workshop : making butter and real countryside bread,

  • Making of a walking stick (a typical shepherd staff),

  • Bivouac in the cabanes (with of course the possibility in case of rain to retreat and go sleep at the farm !)
  • Barbecues and story telling around the camp fire will make each evening magic!
    paysage cabanes-13

3 – "Adventure and Discovery" workshop:

  • Nature by itself is a tremendous encyclopedia. An open book in which the children will learn to read the local flora and fauna. They will learn how to recognize footprints from different animals, discover their feeding places and hide-outs…They will observe nature, get to know the forest with all it’s plants, trees, and many flowers.

  • During field trips and treasure hunts, campers (divided into teams) will learn how to use a compass.

Other Activities 

  • Parcours Aventure : Adventure trails in the trees! Zip wires, monkey bridges and nets, FUN guaranteed!

  • Initiation in rock climbing,

  • Big Games, team sports and of course Parties…!
accrobranches-13 accrobranche-petit 

Choice of Field trips

  • Visit to the Cultural Center of the Val d' Abondance: studying the local cows, the transhumance, and the various stages of the manufacturing of cheese,

  • Visit to a local farm,

  • Ice skating session in Châtel,

  • Swimming pool in Châtel : 3 pools, a large 25m pool, a medium sized pool for children and a small pool with water slide, there is also a large lawned area for relaxing,

  • Shopping in town 
Cimes 04 fleurs



 > Activities will be scheduled according to the wishes of the children 
and the proposals of the teaching staff.  

 Lodging:  "Chalet la Cascade", Châtel, Haute-Savoie Region - FRANCE (...to read more click here)

The people, the food and the enchanting views of France were incredible. I could not have picked a more enjoyable camp. The memories and all the exciting things that we did. I came to the camp with no experience in building cabanes. I came out of VSF knowing how to do it and I certainly know now SO much more French than before. I made many new friends! The French people are so nice its easy to make friends . The camp itself was great and I was really happy with all of it. VSF camp is no ordinary sleep away camp. I was kind of nervous the first day but I fell in love with the French culture and the people. This is definitely the best camp I have ever been too and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking for Adventure, Excitement and Fun!!!

 Sophia C. Age 12, (USA)


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VSF gives children from around the world a real chance to practice their language skills by living in total immersion with French children of their own age in a real French Summer Camp!

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