VSF was a wonderful experience for my daughter, an experience that she will be taking with her through her lifetime. First of all, she experienced acting in French which is now the topic of her many essays and her pride and joy. Secondly, she made a special friend with whom she has been keeping in touch with via skype and e-mail and we are now friends with her family. What an amazing experience and how enriching this is for both girls!

Last summer, Sophia was invited to visit her friend in Mont Saint Michel (France) and now Adele is planning to visit with us in New York in May 2015. It is absolutely an incredible experience for both girls and for our families. Sending my daughter to VSF was the best decision that I have ever made. Thank you Valerie once again for the unique program, for this wonderful opportunity and life changing experience!


  Tamara S. New York, USA - Sophia/ VSF Camp 9: Street Académie (2014)

I was very nervous about sending my daughter to France and was concerned about her adjustment at VSF. I was a very worried mother, to say the least. I should not have been worried at all as the VSF Team and camp team proofed to be extremely organized and properly structured as well as nurturing and loving.

Valerie takes personal care in every child and cares about each and every camper. The immersion experience was great for my daughter, she returned with fluency and confidence in French and exceeded the expectations. She also had a lot of fun and made great friends.

VSF is safe and fun place for kids, we are definitely coming back!

Thank you to the VSF Team and camp team once again for all your attention and for making this summer’s experience one of the best Summers for my daughter.

 New York USA /Sophia (12) /VSF Camp 9: Street Academie (2013)

Dear VSF Team

Oscar does not yet like to write stories all that much, although his writing is progressing in English and Dutch. But, you may definitely put us on your Reference List for 2014, and use this note from us:

Our son had only just turned 6 when he went to L’Ecole des Chevallier with VSF. He had been learning French from his Parisian nanny for 1.5 years, and he had been taught some French at school for 2 years.

His understanding of French had progressed significantly, but the lionshare of his response was still in English. Just ten days of activities among French children has changed that.

Our son is now responding to our nanny in French, with every French word at his disposal. And, most importantly, he has much enjoyed the camp, and wants to go to a French camp again next summer.

My wife and I had been quite unsure about a suitable age for the first residential camp abroad. We had a good call with your program director, and she reassured us that 6 years is a suitable age for many children. Nevertheless, we spent considerable time preparing our son (.. and ourselves !!! ). We brought our son to a London day camp for a few weeks during the preceding summer. And, to a Parisian day camp for a few days in spring. We also brought him to an equestrian center in France, to ride among French children under the guidance of French instructors. And, finally, he went to a 5-day residential camp in England, just a few weeks before he went to France with VSF.

After all this preparation, our son could really comprehend what he was going to encounter in France, and we could bring him to L’Ecole des Chevaliers without much concern.

It has been a great success! We look forward to hearing from you about next summer’s program.
Have a good end of the summer,

 Marco P. London UK - Oscar(6)/ VSF Camp 2: Les Chevaliers du Larzac (2013)

VSF kindled in our daughter a passion for France: its people, its language, its countryside, and its spirit. We were extremely pleased with the superb organization and planning behind VSF. It offered us the perfect balance of structure and security we, as parents, were looking for, yet plenty of the adventure our daughter was seeking. 

 Mrs. Lela B., Oakland USA (1998)

Naturally we were nervous about sending our daughter to camp so far from home. However, in each phase of organization Valérie and her staff minded every detail. Our confidence in VSF proved to be well deserved. This immersion experience was just what she needed. Rebecca's French (and confidence) improved greatly..

 Mr. & Mrs. J.F., San Francisco USA (2000)

I am writing to thank you for all the personal attention you gave Mae this summer. She was quite young (9) to be jetting off alone to a foreign country but, since this was my third child participating in VSF, I was at ease knowing you and your staff would be there waiting for her.

She considers the entire experience a grand adventure and speaks of it often.... watching the storms move in over the mountains from the chalet balcony, gliding through the trees on "accrobranche", camping out with new friends, and cooking, cooking, cooking...her favorite thing in the world to do!

Two days after she arrived home, she was preparing a ganache for chocolate truffles, which she proudly served at a family birthday party (and which were delicious by the way) and she also made us a yogurt cake with mango sorbet. She learned so many things, in addition to improving her French (songs, camping skills, cooking, gardening, farming). All in all, it was a fantastic and life changing experience for her. Thank you!

 Michelle Shindell - Miami USA – Maé (9)/ VSF Camp 16 (2012)

I wanted to give you a little follow up on Ben and Sarah's summer camp experiences with VSF. First, as you may have ascertained from some of my emails, we received the usual dire and negative communications from both Ben and Sarah during camp. What's interesting, though, is how deep a positive impression the experience has clearly left on them. Both Ben and Sarah have not stopped telling us stories about camp, about their experiences, friends they made, funny incidents. Ben, who was especially against the idea of going to camp, obviously got a tremendous amount out if. Not only did he make friends, but they are emailing each other (Ben's written French makes Haitian creole seem like it is written by the Académie Française!). Sarah keeps singing songs in French she learned at camp, and we are finally speaking French together. And, of course, they learned a lot of real, conversational French, which is terrific! I most certainly hope you will continue the program next year. Ben has already mentioned a camp in the Alps that features hand gliding and Sarah would probably love to do a camp with as much horseback riding as possible. Thank you again. All the best!

 Kent Gordis NY USA – Benjamin (13)VSF Camp 5/ Sarah(10) VSF Camp 2 (2011)

Thank you for Annalee's great camp experience ! She had a wonderful time (in spite of her initial homesickness & flash flu).... Many memorable experiences all around ! And thank you again, for all your notes & calls & updates (and, of course, patience with me regarding communicating with my daughter across the world.) All the best to you & VSF!

 Laura Kaplanis USA / Annalee (12)/ VSF Camp 12 (2011)

Thank you once again for Formanoir! Gali has a lot of impressions, she has changed a lot, she has improved her French and her English. And she has become more self-confident! She was very sad that she had to leave her friends. With best regards,

 Lucie Vorontsova – Czek Republic – Gali (13) / VSF Camp 4(2011)

Amy is home now. Thank you so much for everything! You are a great director and your program is wonderful. I will surely recommend you and VSF’s program to my friends. Hope Amy can join you in the future! Thanks again for everything!

 Cindy L. - Hong-Kong - Amy (12)/ VSF Camp 4: Le Chateau de Formanoir(2011)

To any parent thinking about sending their child to VSF Summer Camps program: After a long search on the internet for just the right program, we decided to send our 13 year old girl to VSF camps, in the Aveyron Region, where she joined the camp "Street Academie", with emphasis in theatre and dancing. Caterina flew on her own from Guatemala to Paris with the advice of the VSF team. That was her first challenge, but everything was well organized by the VSF Team, step by step until her safe arrival to the camp.

The first days were very challenging for Caterina, due to the full immersion in French and with people so different from her. After 5 days, she started to connect with other people and make new friends, that helped to overcome the homesickeness. Time went fast an after finishing the experience, Caterina feels proud to have made it!

The classes were great and the new friends she made enriched her life, they all came from different backrounds but shared a strong bond. She truly enjoyed the final show since all the children took part in creating the choreografies, the lyrics and the script. The end result was magic! After going through this experience we strongly recommend VSF. It was such a rewarding experience for our daughter. Sincerely

 Mr. and Mrs. Mendez - Guatemala - Caterina Mendez (13)/ VSF Camp 9 (2016)

Dear VSF Team, I just wanted to express my gratitude for providing an amazing, fun and very well organized camp experience for my son Alexander (13). He absolutely LOVED it, made wonderful friends, improved his French language skills immensely and is now hooked on Kite surfing :). Last but not least Alexander loved the food at camp - every meal was great.

As a parent I want to let you know that I was extremely impressed with the Pre-camp information package, the communication during the camp stay and the photo / info blog site. I appreciated very much the personal update you sent to us every week. All in all it was a fantastic camp experience which will be repeated for sure next year! Best Regards,

 CMr. and Mrs. Auge-Opman - Los Angeles, USA / Alex Auge-Opman (13) /VSF Camp 22: Free Camp Glisse (2016)





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