"The exposure to the International community is I feel, a potent way towards raising today's children as Global Citizens"

VSF is a company, created in 1996, combining a love for teaching children with a passion for France. It is with great pleasure that I and all the VSF team share this passion with you today.   

Over the years, hundreds of children and teenagers from around the world have come to join us and take part in what we consider to be the best summer camp programs in France.   

Vivre Sans Frontières has grown and changed over the years and in my opinion just keeps on getting better!   

Our commitment to top-quality programming brings us to the top of the list for parents when it comes to choosing a summer program in France for their children.  

Why? Years of experience in planning, organizing, and management go into developing each year’s program which we constantly strive to improve and refine in order to give children and their families the best experience possible.  

Because what we offer is different. There are many companies today that offer programs abroad, most of them offer study or exchange programs, they are certainly not all equal. Some may look similar in terms of places or activities, but they often have a very different approach to their philosophy.   

It is important to understand these differences when choosing a summer program for your children abroad. Where we go, what we do is important but how and why we do it is, in my opinion, the most important.   

Please explore VSF’s website to better understand our philosophy and objectives. This program was designed for foreign children sharing a passion for France, its culture, its history, and of course its language.     

Our immersion program includes different camp programs offered in different regions of France. VSF maximizes cultural and educational opportunities and provides a unique learning environment in which your children will learn while having fun, while being immersed within a group of French natives during several weeks. Through our program, not only will they master new skills, build confidence and improve their language skills, but they will also grow as individuals and gain great insight into themselves and the world around them.  

A language is certainly a mean to communicate but also a different way of thinking, of experiencing a different culture, another way of life. Through immersion, your children can truly discover the French culture and for the length of a summer camp experience truly feel part a French community.   

Space is limited in order to give each participant the best attention possible but also to guarantee the highest level of immersion for all our foreign campers.   

Our variety of program activities and locations offers many choices and guarantees something new, exciting and different for our campers to do summer after summer. Many participants come back to discover and explore different regions of France year after year, and they often stay in contact with their french friends with whom they can build lifetime friendships! 

During the winter, we meet many families and participants as we visit schools and organize presentations for parents and teachers. Our goal is to keep everyone well informed of our program.   

Our staff share the same passion and is dedicated to offer each participant the best summer camp experience. From the moment you enroll your children in VSF's program and until they return home at the end of camp, our team is there to ensure their well-being and safety.  Finally, we ensure communication between the camp staff, parents and directors. 

We are proud of VSF's program, it's excellent safety record and top-notch staff has made it a real success with a return rate of almost 70% each summer. 

Thank you to all the VSF families for their continuous support and confidence. And thanks to Unicef France who has approved our program, and has chosen VSF as its Official Partner.    

I would also like to thank our French Partners and Camp Directors for their professionalism, amazing work and personal investment in the program during the last 15 years.  

It’s time to do something different. With our experience we can certainly help you find the perfect setting to make this french vacation the best trip ever for your child. No experience required except the desire to have Fun and to speak French!

Onno Boomstra
General Director

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VSF gives children from around the world a real chance to practice their language skills by living in total immersion with French children of their own age in a real French Summer Camp!

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