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Travel back in time, allowing your mind and imagination free rein to wander…  Enrich your understanding and rummage through history within the setting of a fortified château, a prehistoric cave or simply in nature!  

Every forest, village and path is part of Nature’s own treasure that reveals the vestiges of this rich regional heritage at every turn.  The Aveyron also boasts the most important Gallo-Roman archaeological sites in the world.

Crystal clear springs, mountains torrents and peaceful lakes make l’Aveyron an ideal spot for swimming, sailing and boating.  Here, a network of hiking trails leads visitors through lush green landscapes, while châteaux, chapels and Romanesque churches bring echoes of the history and faith that have shaped the lives of local inhabitants. 

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Located on top of a tree-covered hill, at the border of the "Causse de Larzac", in the South Aveyron region, our camp is a real Medieval village built by farmers and shepherds in the early 15th century.  

Situated near the village of Fondamente, isolated, our hamlet has kept its authenticity and charm through the centuries, with its traditional architecture, its stables, its communal oven, and its typical Medieval passages.

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Lodging in the village: Children  sleep in individual « gîtes » (typical houses) offering rooms with 4 to 8 beds with shower facilities (100 beds total/ 14 Gîtes total in the village). There is one counselor supervising the children in each gîte.  Additionnally, our center offers plenty of room for diverse activities, a library and a swimming pool on site.


Some groups during certain activities sleep in bungalow tents (5 to 6 beds) on cement floors, with lights, beds and closets. The tents are located in the woods at the border of the village, in the shade! (100 beds in bungalow tents total in the village).

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" LE CENTRE EQUESTRE LA CRINIERE " 100 meters from the village, a professional horseback riding center offers our campers the perfect setting for the practice of horseback riding. Well trained ponies are there for children to enjoy each day! (all levels). 


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Situated at the border of the beautiful forest of the Sorgues Valley offering miles of trails, our equestrian center also provides covered training facilities with indoor and outdoor arenas, show jumping arenas, a cross-country course, stables, 20 ponies and all necessary equipment. An educational room with books, educational panels and special objects relating to the local equestrian culture is also available for the children to enjoy.

Our Equestrian center has received the label " School of Equitation 2010 ", and the national trophy for Educational Innovation in 2007 and 2009.

In the forest surrounding our village stands a magical place: " LA CITE DES CABANES" (VSF Camp 2): one big « Cabane-torchis” (cob), another one in straw, 2 rope bridges and a 40 sq. meter hammock.



This future city already has a windmill, a rain water recovery system and solar panels, everything necessary to furnish energy !

There (VSF Camp 7: La Cité des Cabanes), children and Counselors sleep in bungalow tents (5 to 6 beds) on cement floors, with lights, beds and closets. The tents and the shower facilities are located in the woods at the border of the village, in the shade! 

Also available on site for the children to enjoy:

The children’s Paleontological museum,
-  The farm, the animals,
-   The garden of Moulès,
-  Artistic and medieval workshops.

Medical Service: Doctor, pharmacy and hospital in Saint-Affrique 

Transportation: With the VSF group (and the French children) by TGV train from Paris to Montpellier. Transfer to the camp by shuttle bus. 

Closest train station: Saint-Affrique 

Local Tourist Office: http://www.ot-dusaintaffricain.com 

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  VSF Camp programs available at this center:






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VSF gives children from around the world a real chance to practice their language skills by living in total immersion with French children of their own age in a real French Summer Camp!

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